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Take The Plunge (Digital Download) - Louie Giglio

$ 1.50

Ready. Set. Jump! Christ is calling us to leave the little things behind and take the plunge into the river of life.

Jesus extends a massive invitation to jump into water over our heads and join him in the deep end. That is where Jesus is. Jesus did not die on the cross so that we could live in the shallow end of spiritual bliss; He died so that we can live a transcendent life in an ocean of grace that flows toward the heart of God. God is calling us to deep, rushing waters that will wash away little dreams, earthly trophies and human ambition. He's calling us to more. More of His power, presence and grace that lead to the most abundant life.

It's time to get out of the kiddie pool. Time to surrender to the current that is Jesus. Time to be fully alive.

1. All In 
2. So Long Kiddie Pool 
3. The Ocean of Grace 
4. Sweet Surrender 

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