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Two Words That Changed Everything (Digital Download) - Louie Giglio

$ 1.50

Two little words have changed everything!

Being a Christian is not all that easy. Think about it. How do we change? How do we live up to all the stuff the Bible says we should do? How can people like us pull off a holy and righteous life? Well the news gets worse before it gets better.

The Christian life is not just difficult. It's impossible! In fact, it's so impossible that only one guy in the history of the world has ever been able to actually pull it off. As it turns out, He was so good at living the Christian life they named it after Him. Yep. His name is Jesus Christ.

As you will discover in these messages from the book of Colossians,

God is not asking us to ''do the Christian life'' in our own strength. He knows we don't have the strength or power to make it happen.

But the message doesn't stop there. Two little words have changed everything. And those words? IN YOU! The hope for our lives is not in trying to live the Christian life, rather embracing the reality of Christ living His life in and through each of us. It's Christ in you, the hope of glory.

So take the journey. Get a glimpse of who you are in Him and who He is in you. Surrender to His life. Tap into His power. Walk in His truth.

5-Part Series

1. Christ IN YOU... The Hope of Glory! (37:13)
2. The Tupperware Gospel (38:00)
3. Get Dressed - Part 1 (36:49)
4. Get Dressed - Part 2 (43:37)
5. Grace in Motion (48:29)