The Comeback - Louie Giglio

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Mordecai Jordan
Very Encouraging Book!

This book is a work of encouragement to any believer. Louie Giglio uses biblical passages to show that nobody is ever 'too far gone' from Jesus. Whether you are a new believer or have grown up in church, it's never too late for a comeback!

Roy Smith
Louie ,Chris and Matt

Thank you God for bringing these people to be an respiration in my life .Opening the world through the internet ,which i lacked confidence in.I will now show what you you guys have past on too me.
Luke 17:18 Giving thanks for healing!.
Having recieved God's love .

Sarah F.
Beautiful. Clear. Re-aligning

In the way only God has gifted Louie Giglio, the message of this book is powerful & encouraging. God alone is the true Author of the bigger Story, in which we get to be a part, & He is at work in the world & in our lives for His ultimate glory & our good. Regardless of the circumstances around us, God both knows & enters the scene with us. Louie reminds us how God paints on a wider canvas than we can see, and knows & does best.

ELizabeth Hooks
The Comeback

I loved this book. It's an easy read. After I read it l, I gave it to a friend that has been sober for 117. She said it was like the book was written just for her. She is calling her recovery the final comeback.

Just read it already!

Louie did what Louie does best - kept the focus on Jesus. It was a sweet, beautifully written book about what it means to be redeemed to new life in Christ. No matter our circumstances or past, Jesus is in fact the God of the Comeback. I truly enjoyed reading this book and would highly recommend it to anyone, but most of all to anyone who needs some good news. Stellar Godstory-telling.