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Soundtrack (Digital Download) - Louie Giglio

$ 1.00

Great stories have equally moving soundtracks, and there's no greater epic than the unfolding and unending story of God. Ultimately, everything in life and eternity is about God's greatness, glory and grace. And there's no more compelling score than the anthem of His praise which echoes throughout the universe.

Worship is the soundtrack for the story of God, a soundtrack we have been invited to join as we celebrate the saving power of God in the victories of life and the enduring assurance of hope and faith in the midnight hour.

Join the story. Awaken to the music. Live the soundtrack. Amplify His song.

4-Part Series

1. Welcome to the Story of God 
2. The Song of the Redeemed 
3. The Loudest Song 
4. Songs in the Key of Life

**Downloadable version includes audio only