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Life Interrupted (Digital Download) - Louie Giglio

$ 1.00

A pink slip you didn't see coming. A devastating test result. An untimely death. Sooner or later, interruptions come crashing in on us all, bringing with them a flood of questions about life and truth. Why did this happen? Where is God? How am I ever going to make it through these days? Yet, in the midst of the confusion, God calls us to ask a different set of questions and embrace a new way of thinking, a path that leads us to understand His purposes in a seemingly unstable world.

Moving past simplistic answers, this series dives deep into the heart of our darkest nights with a bright ray of hope. Re-examining some of Scripture's most central characters, we see the way God intended us to view life in the midst of our greatest disappointments. Break free from the myth of the routine life. Rest in the truth of an uninterruptible God.

5-Part Series

1. Life Gets Interrupted 
2. Sound Interrupted 
3. Love Interrupted 
4. Career Interrupted 
5. Death Interrupted


**Downloadable version includes audio only