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Even Though (Digital Downlaod) - Louie Giglio

$ 1.50
No matter our power or position, no person is strong enough to control the circumstances that interrupt, intersect and uproot our lives. In fact, we can really control only one thing: our response to the adversities that come our way.

True power in life comes from pre-loading your response to whatever storms lie ahead: Even though, I will. This power-packed phrase weaves throughout Scripture, as God’s people recount their stories of faith that defies the darkest nights of destruction and despair.

“Even though the night is long, I will worship my God.”

“Even though I’m surrounded by darkness, God will be my light.”

“Even though I can’t see, I will believe in the God who sees me.”

“Even though war breaks out around me, I will be confident in the strength of my God.”

“Even though I fall, I will rise.”

“Even though I could do it in my own strength, I will wait for power from on High.”

Even Though, I Will is language born from a defiantly faithful heart. This is the kind of faith that honors God and emerges stronger on the other side of a storm.

Join Pastor Louie Giglio for Even Though, a six-week journey to help us develop sustaining faith to anchor us through the mightiest gale. This is the key to a life emblazoned with a Heaven-born confidence.

  1. Midnight In Philippi
  2. Sunrise In Dothan
  3. Don’t Give The Enemy A Seat At Your Table
  4. Sundown At The Garden Tomb
  5. 9AM On Pentecost (Day Fifty)


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