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Unusual (Digital Download) - Louie Giglio

$ 1.50

Our God is extraordinary. Powerful and mighty. Full of grace and love. Our God is unusual.

Created in His image and walking in His ways, our lives should also be unusual. Set apart and unsuspecting like the lives of Elijah, Daniel, Joseph and Paul, whose trust in Almighty God challenged and changed the world.

In the workplace, at home and wherever God calls you, you can stand for truth and with excellence, faithfulness and joy be a mighty force that transforms the world around you. With confidence in the One who does all things well, even in the midst of adversity, you can live an unusual life the leads to the extraordinary.

6 Part Series

1. God, Who Makes Beautiful Things Out of Nothing (52:32)
2. The Boys of Babylon (40:34)
3. The Boys of Babylon, 2 (1:02:17)
4. The Key of Midnight (50:43)
5. Pit Stop in the Plan of an Unusual God (52:36)
6. The Ultimate Comeback (1:05:29)