The Jesus Bible - ESV - Artist Edition Leather (Britt Bass)

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Cynthia R.
I love this Bible!

I bought this Bible during quarantine, however, I started using it in the beginning of this year. It has really helped me focus on seeing how even the Old Testament connects to the big story God wrote. My college started doing a series of Jesus in the Old Testament and this Bibles has definitely helped me prepare for it better along with seeing the side notes/articles after sermon to read more on in my free time. I definitely recommend this Bible not only for yourself, but as a gift too.

Debbie Farris
Artisan Version Jesus Bible

I was looking for a Bible for my cousin who had recently rededicated her life and wants to really get in the I started by asking her pastor which Bible version he used while preaching...he said the English Standard I narrowed my search to that version and ran across the Jesus Bible. It had a good layout and many articles/insights written by respected Christian teacher/pastors. I especially liked that it finds Jesus in every book. This particular Jesus Bible...the artisan version, has one of the most beautiful covers I had ever seen. It is truly a work of art. My cousin was very happy with it. Highly recommend.

Steve Naylor
Jesus Bible

I was able to give me wife a Jesus bible and she was so excited and happy. A couple of years ago she gave her bible to our daughter and she has not had one. Thank you for being a part of this joy for my wife and seeing Jesus work!

Thank you for sharing! Glad to hear that she's enjoying it so much!