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Crowder - Milk & Honey

$ 5.00
Milk & Honey is about the promises of God. Each song was written in celebration of the future we are marching towards together as believers and a prayer that each of us can live in this promise in the here and now.⁠ These songs remind us that the God of Abraham and Isaac, the God of Jacob, Moses and David, the God who promised a Savior and a way back to Him, it is He that we follow and He has not left us alone.
  1. Good God Almighty
  2. In The House
  3. He Is
  4. Milk & Honey
  5. Higher Power (feat. Hulvey)
  6. Sweet Jesus (feat. Maverick City Music)
  7. God Really Loves Us (with Dante Bowe feat. Maverick City Music)
  8. Who's Gonna Stop The King
  9. Better Than Sunshine
  10. Glory, Glory (God Is Able)
  11. Hallelujah For Every Broken Heart
  12. The Anchor

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