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Big Picture God (Digital Download) - Louie Giglio

$ 1.50

Difficult circumstances are a part of life. Like death itself, trials and defeat are unavoidable, leaving us to wonder where God is and what He's doing. Often, the snapshots of life leave us hurting, puzzled, angry and hopeless.

''If God loves me, why am I suffering?'' we cry. ''If He is so powerful, why is this happening to me? Where is God when it hurts?''

Learning from the lives of Joseph, Paul and Silas, we see that God is always painting on a canvas much larger than we can see or imagine. As a result, we can cling to faith in the midst of the darkness, believing that God is working in every situation to glorify His name, bring redemption to others and do in our lives what is very best.

2-Part Series

1. Big Picture God, Small Picture World (38:40)
2. Small Picture World, Big Picture Worship (41:57)