Relat(able) Study DVD

Let‰ۡó»s face it, relationships are tricky.̴Ì_From the time we‰ۡó»re born, relationships are constantly shaping who we are and how we react to the world around us.̴Ì_We are all looking to have healthier, more meaningful relationships, so where do we start?

Relat(able) looks at relationships the way God intended them to be. Because he has gone to extraordinary lengths to relate to us, we have the potential to build incredible relationships with one another.̴Ì_Embracing God‰ۡó»s love and receiving his grace changes the way we relate to him, our family, our friends, and ourselves.

In this study, Louie Giglio explores the fundamental question of what makes us̴Ì_relatable̴Ì_to others.̴Ì_What if instead of looking for the right person, we become that person, that friend or spouse everyone is looking for? What if we start holding ourselves to the standards we expect of those around us?̴Ì_We only have one life to leave a permanent mark on eternity; why not make our relationships count?

Study DVD̴Ì_Sessions include:

  1. The Shovel and the Spoon
  2. The Man/Woman in the Mirror
  3. A God to Call Father
  4. The Friend Everyone Longs for
  5. Becoming Someone vs. Finding Someone
  6. Handshake of Peace
  • Bonus: Why Date?
  • Bonus: Marriage with a Mission
Purchase the accompanying Study Guide̴Ì_or a Study Bundle.

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