Not Forsaken - Louie Giglio

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Victoria J Dorotiak
Not Forsaken

Daddy issues are so common even in the body of Christ. I read the book, and am now using it to mentor a young woman, with the hopes that she will do the same some day. Well worth the read.

Del Pedigo
a message for EVERYONE

I have the printed book but I've also listened to the audio book of Not Forsaken. I love how vulnerable and transparent Pastor Louie is in sharing the personal stories of his relationship with his own father. Being read by the author really lets you feel the heart behind so much of it.

This book is a must read/listen. So much truth here. Thank you Pastor Louie for this both timely and timeless message!

We cannot change our physical family tree. It's real and you have to deal with it in order to heal. BUT...we can have a new family tree through the cross as a direct descendant of Jesus.

No matter what type of earthly father you had, find comfort and hope in knowing that you are dearly loved by the Heavenly Father and He will NEVER forsake you. We are beloved sons and daughters.

Arlene Plant
Excellent lens for who God the Father is

This was an easy read but so powerful in examining who our earthly father might look like but the real truth about how I see God the real Father. It really is an excellent comparison and Louie was even vulnerable about his own father. Anyway great stuff ! Would highly recommend it.

Roberto Lopez
Must read for everyone

I would say that everyone should read this book but especially every man.
There are so many of us that have questioned what our journey in life should be because we are either afraid that we are like our earthly father or we think too much into being better than our father that it paralyzes us to be who God wants us to be. This book encourages us to focus on the love of our Heavenly Father and His plan for us and then we will be free to be the Godly men and women that we are called to be.

So Powerful

Just finished reading Not Forsaken, and it was so good. Looking at God as a father that we can go to, that loves us, that champions us, is so important. We can so easily compare God to our earthly father, which could be either good or bad. We could see God as an angry God, a God that’s only there when we need Him, or an almost perfect God. But God is so much more than all that. He loves us more than any person here on earth could ever love us. He cares about us even more than our earthly fathers. No matter who your earthly father is, whether he was/is good or bad, God is even greater than him. Even if you were forsaken by your earthly father, there’s good news. Jesus was forsaken by His Heavenly Father, the God of the universe on the cross, so we never would be forsaken by Him.
No matter what your relationship with your dad looks like, this book is so great for everyone. I highly recommend this book, and I don't think you'll be disappointed by it! #NotForsaken