Matt Redman - Facedown Book

When You Face Up to God's Glory, You Find Yourself Facedown in Worship

God wants us to be more than aware of His presence. He implores us to be awestruck by it literally consumed with passion and adoration! How do we reach this state? By totally surrendering to God through worship. Facedown shows why we need to go deeper into the wonder, awe and mystery of God's presence. Only then will we find ourselves lying prostrate before the Lord facedown in worship. The premise of Matt Redman's newest book is grounded in three biblical examples Ezekiel 1, Daniel 10 and Revelation 7 which all reveal that the worship going on before the heavenly throne is facedown. All believers will be exhilarated by this heaven-sent beacon as it lights their way to being undone by God's eternal glory.

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