Louie Giglio - The Comeback Downloads

Louie Giglio - The Comeback Downloads

Everybody loves a good comeback story. Whether it is a touchdown scored in the dying seconds of the 4th quarter, an impossible recovery from a terminal illness or an amputated leg turned into an Olympic gold medal and a world record - we all love to hear comeback stories. Somehow, these stories manage to strike a chord inside the very core of our beings, making us realize that our circumstances do not always get the final say in our lives. They reveal to us that in the end, our story is a comeback story.

The Comeback series explores the stories of men and women who have gone through the fire and the trials of life only to come out believing in the faithfulness and grace of God. These stories teach us that no matter what we might be walking through we can still have confidence that Jesus is the God of the comeback and our story is not over as long as He's in it!

5-Part Series
Louie Giglio

1. Paradise In A Garbage Dump

2. When Dreams Are Dashed

3. Welcome Home

4. It's Never Too Late

5. The Ultimate Comeback

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Louie Giglio - The Comeback Downloads

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