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Symphony (DVD) - Louie Giglio

$ 8.00

Unfortunately, this DVD is out of print. It can be purchased as a part of our Complete Collection which you can find here or as a Digital Download here.

Symphony: I Lift My Hands 1-Part DVD Series

It's staggering when we begin to realize that all creation is singing the praises of the One who fashioned and formed the universe. Yet, singing stars and earth's ovation cannot drown God's desire to hear your voice. In the midst of a miraculous and immense symphony of praise,

God is still mindful of you, going to extraordinary lengths to give you life and breath through His Son. But, why would God pay such a high price to bring us to life again?

Could it be that we are prized above all creation...that we are loved by the God who made the heavens and the earth. Such stunning grace awakens our hearts in extravagant worship as we take our place in His symphony and join the chorus, on both the best of days and through the darkest nights.

Discussion Questions Included

[Recorded on the And If Our God Is For Us Tour]

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