Louie Giglio - Confident

Louie Giglio

Confidence. Most of us long to curate this quality – defined as the belief in one’s ability to succeed or the assuredness of a certain outcome - in our lives.

The thing about confidence is that it’s determined by what we keep in view. In fact, your confidence will go up or down depending on what or whom you are looking at. That means the key to lasting confidence is setting your sights on something unchanging, steady and sure.

In Confident, Pastor Louie Giglio and Passion City Church help us fix our eyes on Jesus, and uncover how His unshakable promises throughout history give us God-sized confidence in the outcome of our lives and eternity.

Join us as we look up and lock step with the One who guarantees we will “win” in the end.

Talk Titles 

  1. Confident in the Messy Middle
  2. Storm Warnings: Learning to Worship in the Midst of Life’s Greatest Tests [Aaron Coe]
  3. The Glorious Comma
  4. Your Promise Still Stands
  5. Confident Prayers [Ben Stuart]






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