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Breath on a Page - Louie Giglio (DVD)

$ 8.00

Breath on a Page: Why the Word of God is the Way of Life

Scripture is not just ink on a page; it is God's breath in our hands. It is more than a manual for life; it is God exhaling His love for mankind to guide us away from the worst and toward the best.

Breath on a Page dives into what makes Scripture so remarkable and different from any other text in history. In this series, Pastor Louie Giglio explains why Scripture is the most precious thing we can hold on this earth, and celebrates the living connection we have to its author, the Creator of the universe.

Scripture is the book that brings life and ends death. It is the greatest story ever told: a story of resolve, redemption, and restoration that centers on Jesus.

5 Part Series

  1. Breath of Heaven
  2. The Extraordinary Story of How Jesus Created and Restores Everything
  3. It's All About Jesus
  4. Unique
  5. Don't Ever Stop

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