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Awakening Book - Louie Giglio

$ 6.99

Given it's impossible to adequately convey with words alone the rich hues and stunning moments that comprise the three month, 17-city, 6-continent Passion World Tour, we are happy to have had an amazingly creative photographic eye with us for each step of the journey. Spanning gatherings that united over 100,000 university students from Tokyo to London, Mexico City to Manila, and Johannesburg to Jakarta, the rich and inventive images of Jeremy Cowart capture both the diverse beauty of the worlds great urban centers as well as the faces of an emerging generation seeking to live for what matters most.̴Ì_Featuring personal takes on the journey from Chris Tomlin, Charlie Hall, Shelley Giglio, David Crowder, Cheryl Bell, Matt Redman and Jeremy Cowart. Coupling over 400 breathtaking photographs with reflections from Passion leader Louie Giglio, Awakening embodies both the uniqueness of global culture and the common heartbeat of young people around the globe who celebrate shared faith and the grace that makes all things new.

[Soft Cover]