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David Crowder Band - Remedy Club Tour Edition

$ 5.00

Shot with nine cameras in both New York City and Atlanta, David Crowder*Band Remedy Club Tour Edition includes the 85 minute full concert in addition to 5.1 surround sound, a 15-minute exclusive tour documentary On The Road With David Crowder*Band, Learning the Songs, a section hosted by each band member showing fans their setup and gear used in each song along with a how-to lesson on playing the songs exactly like the David Crowder*Band. Taking it even further, the DVD features the ability to display chord/lyric subtitles so that fans can test their skills and play along with the tour night.

CD/DVD Tracklist:

1. I'm Trying to Make You Sing
2. The Glory of It All
3. Can You Feel It?
4. Everything Glorious
5. ...Neverending...
6. Here Is Our King
7. You Are My Joy
8. We Won't Be Quiet
9. Foreverandever, Etc...
10. A Beautiful Collision
11. Never Let Go
12. Remedy
13. I Saw the Light
14. No One Like You
15. O Praise Him (All This for a King)
16. Surely We Can Change

Everything Glorious (Remedy Club Tour Version) [Video]
O Praise Him (All This for a King) [Remedy Club Tour Version][Video]
...Neverending...(Remedy Club Tour Version) [Video]