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David Crowder Band - Church Music

$ 3.00

David Crowder*Band, the highly accessible fan-favorites are back with their release Church Music. Packed full with 17 full tracks, the band hopes this album serves as a reminder of the continual evolvement of music within the Church. 


1. Phos Hilaron (Hail Gladdening Light)
2. Alleluia, Sing
3. The Nearness
4. Shadows
5. Eastern Hymn
6. SMS (Shine)
7. The Veil
8. We Are Loved
9. All Around Me
10. How He Loves
11. Can I Lie Here
12. Birmingham (We Are Safe)
13. Church Music - Dance(!)
14. What A Miracle
15. Oh, Happiness
16. God Almighty, None Compares
17. In the End (O Resplendent Light!)