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David Crowder Band - B Collision

$ 3.00

or (B is for Banjo), or (B Sides), or (Bill), or perhaps more accurately (...the eschatology of Bluegrass) A comes before B. B follows A. This is the essence of sequential ordering. You might say that B's being B is a direct consequence or undeviating result of A's being A. Its happening and meaning comes from its context. We prepared and distributed a musical documentation entitled A Collision. It would be rhetorical nonsense to have begun with B Collision. And thus, B follows A. It heaves its inspiration and meaning from what was ordered before it. It consists of a number of songs. Most of them rendered in the acoustical fashion. Simple constructions. Wood and metal strings. Vibrating the air. Some of these songs have been here before. But not presented in this manner. And then something fun happened on tour this fall. A moment of the ''LIVE'' variety that we insist on sharing. And then there is the subtitle. A Collision had a subtitle and B follows A and so B must and does have a subtitle. ''The Eschatology of Bluegrass.'' Wood and metal singing. Moving the air. Telling of how things will be ok. Regardless of how they seem right now. Something will follow. We are in sequence. And it just so happens we know the beginning and the end.


1. Intro (I've Had Enough)
2. A Beautiful Collision - B Variant
3. Wholly Yours - B Variant
4. Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven
5. I Can Hear the Angels Singing / (...andeverandeverand...)
6. Be Lifted (Live From Kansas)
7. I Saw the Light (Live From Kansas)
8. Do Not Move (Bonus Track)