Louie Giglio - Lift

The gravitational pull of life presses on us and shrinks us down, yet the hope of the gospel is that we can lift our gaze and know that there is a God, the Maker of heaven and earth who is going to come on our behalf and rescue us. A God, who even when the world is closing in around us, is at work making everything possible in our lives.

He is our help. Our miracle. Our praise. Our hope.

As we ascend daily into God's presence, we remember His greatness, live in confidence, rest in His grace, respond in worship and pour His love into the people around us so that many will put their trust in the One who rescues and restores.

4 Part DVD Series
Louie Giglio

1. Lift Your Eyes

2. Lift Your Expectation

3. Lift Your Hands

4. Lift Somebody

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