Louie Giglio - Even Though

Louie Giglio

No matter our power or position, no person is strong enough to control the circumstances that interrupt, intersect and uproot our lives. In fact, we can really control only one thing: our response to the adversities that come our way.

True power in life comes from pre-loading your response to whatever storms lie ahead: Even though, I will. This power-packed phrase weaves throughout Scripture, as God’s people recount their stories of faith that defies the darkest nights of destruction and despair.

“Even though the night is long, I will worship my God.”

“Even though I’m surrounded by darkness, God will be my light.”

“Even though I can’t see, I will believe in the God who sees me.”

“Even though war breaks out around me, I will be confident in the strength of my God.”

“Even though I fall, I will rise.”

“Even though I could do it in my own strength, I will wait for power from on High.”

Even Though, I Will is language born from a defiantly faithful heart. This is the kind of faith that honors God and emerges stronger on the other side of a storm.

Join Pastor Louie Giglio for Even Though, a six-week journey to help us develop sustaining faith to anchor us through the mightiest gale. This is the key to a life emblazoned with a Heaven-born confidence.

  1. Midnight In Philippi
  2. Sunrise In Dothan
  3. Don’t Give The Enemy A Seat At Your Table
  4. Sundown At The Garden Tomb
  5. 9AM On Pentecost (Day Fifty)


Approximate DVD Running Time: 227 Minutes


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