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Matt Redman - We Shall Not Be Shaken

$ 3.00

Matt Redman's release, We Shall Not Be Shaken, was written fresh off the 2008 Passion World Tour (seventeen cities) and in the face of today's global financial meltdown.

"This album praises God's steadiness," Matt says. "We're being reminded how shakable earthly things are: job losses, home foreclosures. When we traveled to Korea, there were high profile suicides due to the failing marketplace. So it feels appropriate now to address the economy in a worship song. Nothing in the Psalms was ever detached from its era." 

1. This is How We Know
2. We Shall Not Be Shaken
3. Through it All
4. You Alone Can Rescue
5. The Glory of Our King
6. How Great is Your Faithfulness
7. Remembrance (Communion Song)
8. The More We See
9. For Your Glory
10. Gloria
11. All That Really Matters
12. My Hope