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To Tell The Truth (DVD) - Louie Giglio

$ 8.00

Since the very first days in Eden, temptation has been a very real part of our daily lives. Like in those early days, we are constantly pulled away from the truth that God has clearly given us by options that promise one thing, yet deliver another. Sin enters the picture every time we choose the lie, and when unchecked, eventually leads us downward into a spiral of bondage, guilt and shame.

In this series we not only tell the truth about temptation, but reveal the truth about shame and condemnation, helping us break the cycle of sin that leads us back to the same old lies time and time again.

The lure of temptation is strong, but the power of God's truth is stronger. When embraced and applied truth empowers us to live life the way it was meant to be lived full and free.

3-Part DVD Series

1. Zoom Out Before You Jump In [The Truth About Temptation] (54:45)
2. Drop The Rock [The Truth About Guilt and Condemnation] (59:03)
3. Sink Your Teeth, Save Your Life [The Truth About Truth] (57:31)