Louie Giglio - Nothing Wasted

Louie Giglio

Your life is a precious, perishable good. Distinctly designed, you’ve been given a set number of days on earth to carry out a unique purpose. God has an assignment for you; a good and perfect plan for the dash between your years on earth. Do you want to steward your gift of life well and make the most of each moment?


You might think that you don’t have enough time, enough energy, the right job, or enough influence to make your years on earth count. But, the truth is, with small, deliberate calibrations, you can set your course toward the extraordinary destination God’s prepared for you.


In Nothing Wasted, Pastor Louie Giglio guides us through the small shifts of direction that help maximize our opportunity to live full and free in the promise and possibility of God’s plans. Join along on this seven-week journey, and don’t waste a day of your precious gift called life.

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