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Mystery DVD Bundle

$ 10.00

Mystery DVD Bundle

Get FIVE DVDs for the cost of one while supplies last! Each bundle will include five DVDs from our currently available DVD collection. Your bundle could include titles like  but not limited to:

    • Breath on a Page - Louie Giglio
    • Chain Breaker - Louie Giglio
    • Fight Club - Louie Giglio
    • Prayer: Remix - Louie Giglio
    • Passion 2010
    • Passion 2017
    • Power-Full: A Journey through the Book of Acts - Louie Giglio
    • Still Standing - Louie Giglio
    • Winsome  - Louie Giglio
    • & more! 


Each bundle is hand-selected by our team, and specific DVDs may not be pre-requested. Individual DVDs may not be returned or exchanged for a different available book. 

*The Essential Collection, The Complete Collection, and all study DVDS are NOT included in this special.

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