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Label Maker Series (Digital Download) - Louie Giglio

$ 1.50

Labels matter and our culture is saturated with them. Some labels are given to us by others, some we place on ourselves. We wear, either in pride or shame, the labels of our accomplishments and failures, our family name, our job titles or stage of life, our popularity or pain. But when we let anything other than our Creator make claims about who we are, we end up being defined by temporary labels that are as fleeting as the wind.

In Label Maker Pastor Louie Giglio shows us five labels that God speaks over us as we discover our true identity in Christ. As we join our lives with Jesus, everything about us changes and we tap into who we really are.

So what labels are you wearing? Whose opinions have you let define you? And how would knowing what the Maker of the Universe says about you make a difference in your life? The One who gets the first and last word calls you a CHOSEN HEIR whom He has made HOLY, ALIVE, and ABLE.

5 Part Series 

  1. Chosen
  2. Heir
  3. Holy
  4. Alive
  5. Able

Reviews From Actual Customers

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Steve Engebretson
Inspiring and life changing experience

I visited Passion City Church for the first time while on a business trip to Atlanta. (I live in Montana.) I feel so blessed that God allowed my first visit to be the opening message from the label maker series - "Chosen." The message and entire Passion City experience was deeply moving and life changing for me. After the service, there were "Chosen" labels in the lobby for people to take. I think I was only supposed to take one, but I took 4 because I wanted to put these original labels everywhere I would be inclined to see them after returning home. )I have one on my laptop and see it right now and every day.) I so wanted to hear the rest of the series, and was thrilled to be able to obtain the entire series. God bless Louie Giglio and everyone at Passion City Church. If work and grandchildren were not considerations to keep me in Montana, I would consider moving to Atlanta, if only to be a part of Passion City.

Awesome Dude:wink:

One of my favorite series that I really needed to hear, meant so much to me that I permanently glued the labels to my favorite hat as a constant reminder of who I am in Christ